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    December 18, 2012
    1:35 - 2:10am PST  

. >> you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. >> new insight into the sandy hook killer the erie warning his mother gave his babysitter. good evening i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. the heartbreaking goodbyes to the sandy hook shooting victims. two of the youngest victims. two six-year-old boys were the first to be laid to rest. this beginning of the community that will bury 20 children and six adults.
cbs reporter is in new town tonight. >> reporter: the charming village square in new town is the epicenter of an overwhelming out pouring of grief and support. >> we need to embrace each other at a time like this. >> i know if we come together we will be successful. >> people from all over new england are descending to reflect and never forget the 26 innocent lives lost. they drop off gifts nor the youngest victims and leave messages of hope to comfort the victim's families. >> my heart goes out to the mother's. >> the stunned community in sandy hook there's deep pain and sadness. this neighborhood says final goodbyes to 20 children and six adult educators. there's a funeral everyday this holiday season. jack and his first grade classmate noah were layed to rest.
the six-year-old boys were full of life. noah loved animals and adored his sister. authorities continue to work two crime scenes indefinitely. tonight police continue to stand guard at the suspect's home where he began the rampage shooting his mother before continuing on to sandy hook elementary. >> noah, his classmates, and the heroic teachers who gave their lives trying to protect them are with god in heaven. now, it's our responsibility to bring heaven down-to-earth. >> it's unclear when sandy hook students will resume classes at a campus in monroe. it remains to be seen if the elementary school will ever reopen. >> and 3,000 miles away from connecticut in gilroy tonight. about 70 people attended a vigil for the sandy hook victims. they came together at the south valley community church to
pray, mourn, and heal. >> having an environment, a venue like this helps people process it. and then being able to give resources that kind of help people continue that journey. >> the names of all 26 victims were read and a candle was lit for each of them. we're getting a better idea who the sandy hook killer was. cbs reporter seth talked to a former classmate and a babysitter who says that adam lanza's mother gave him an odd warning about her son. >> what kind of kid was adam lanza as a classmate? >> just quiet. >> she remembers adam lanza from german class. >> on one side he did something unspeakable. while on the other that's not how i remember him. i remember him as a nice kid that i sat near in class. and we joked. he'd laugh. you know. that kind of thing. >> it was the spring of 2009 and the two were enrolled at
western connecticut state university while lanza buzz in high school. >> we were hanging out outside of class and we were like do you want to grab a drink with us. and he said i can't i'm 17. >> he took seven college level courses between 2008 and 2009. he received several a's in computer classes and also one in american history. his over all gpa was 3.26. she remembers meeting adam's mother. >> said he was sick and asked where the classroom was. when we walked in she was getting his assignments from the teacher. >> nancy lanza's friends mark and louise told scott on 60 minutes that she told them adam had as burgers syndrome and taking care of him was a full time job. >> i know he was on medication and everything.
she home schooled him at home. because he couldn't deal with the school classes sometimes. so she just home schooled adam at home. and that was her life. >> ryan craft who babysat for the lanza's when adam was 10 got a glimpse of how difficult he could b. >> to always supervise adam at all times and never turn my back on him. >> adam's parents divorced in 2009. nancy lanza had final say on adam's upbringing. here in the bay area a 12 and 13-year-old are under arrest caught with a stolen rifle. what's really scary is what they were planning to do with it. >> police say the boys were planning to shoot a cop. they were arrested not far from salano community college.
the boys that were just 12 and 13 years old had stolen the rifle and ammunition from a house they broke into on the 4,000th block of irene street. a pastor spotted the boys around 1:15 this afternoon toting a rifle case. highway patrol took the kids into custody after a short foot chase. they found the gun in bushes nearby. >> the recent years of the school shooting and the shooting at the shopping mall in oregon it's disturbing to hear about a 12 and 13-year-old talking about shooting a police officer. >> the kids are not being identified because of their ages. they're in juvenile hall. it's unclear whether they were bluffing about wanting to shoot an officer but they say in any case like this they must take all these situations seriously. especially considering what's
happened recently. diane feinstein says she will introduce a bill next month to been a assault weapons. >> in this elementary school, look what happened. six-year-olds with three to eleven bullets from this bush master in their body. 20 of them. is this america? i don't think so. >> feinstein also wants to been a the high capacity ammunition clips that hold more than 10 rounds. grace lee shows us she's not the only politician who's speaking out. >> reporter: the connecticut shoot something a wake up call for all of us in america. >> senator leland says it's time to stop the mayhem. he wants to re introduce the bullet button ban. getting around the state ban on detachable magazines because you can use a bullet to release
the magazine. >> it's as if we do not have an assault weapon ban in the state of california with the bullet button assault rifle, what you can do is buy a magnet and easily load and unload these magazines. >> senator ye wants to go further by adding yearly background checks on owners and mental health evaluations and limit ammunition and increase safe gun storage requirements. >> people are being reactionary. but the problem is these laws have had no impact. >> he fights for gun rights but does not believe bans on assault weapons are the way to prevent violence. >> if we're serious about trying to make these things stop happening we have to notice they happen in gun free zones. why can't with have tazers for
administrators and teachers. >> part of the reason his bill failed last year is because some legislators say they didn't need it. that's because technically the attorney general could change the regulation herself. we called her office to say. he said that maybe true. but he believes she would face a losing bat and will the more effective way would be to go to the state legislature. grace lee cbs 5. the democrat represents highway in congress since 1959 and the highest ranking asian american politician. as president of the senate he was third in line of succession to the presidency. the medal of honor recipient was also a fearless patriot who lost her right arm in battle during world war ii. >> he was the kind of man in short that america has always been grateful to have. especially in our darkest
hours. men who lead by example and who expect nothing. >> the senator died of respiratory complications at a washington dc area hospital. he was 88 years old. peroxisome making a counter offer in the effort to avoid driving off the fiscal cliff the president agreed to curtail future cost of living increases for recipients of social security and also soften his demand for higher taxes at the upper income levels. john baner proposed an earning threshold of a million dollars for the higher tax rates. a deal must be reached by january 1st or automatic spending cuts will take affect. crazy moments at a popular bay area mall when a fire breaks out. a half million dollar mistake that you pay for on your energy bill. and can you taste the
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hill neighborhood. police tell us they did find a sho he suspect's apar . new details in a tense police stand off in san
franciscos knob hill neighborhood. police are telling us they found a shotgun in a suspect's apartment. a report of a domestic dispute saturday night. the man may have been armed. the suspect surrendered peacefully. he's being held on suspicion of domestic violence. a crazy scene at bay area mall tonight. linda yee is at the mall in san francisco to explain. >> reporter: it was a momentary scare at a busy mall. somebody spotted sparks on the roof and called the fire department. aerial ladders were set up in case rescues were necessary. but it was a small grease fire in the flew of two restaurants. classrooms on the top floors were told to leave their classrooms and at once sirens started the theater management told movie goers to leave.
that caused tense moments. >> because of the alarm i was like i hope there's no gunman shooting up the theater. because that's what happens in america, you know. >> just as the movie goers were leaving the theater they noticed the stores were open and people shopping. i spoke to fire commanders on the scene tonight and they said they never ordered any evacuations. no one was ever in danger. reporting live in san francisco. the state of california made a half million dollar mistake. and many of us footed the bill for us. cbs reporter curtis ming on the energy rebates that never should have been paid out. >> reporter: ron boat man installed solar panels. and last year he went one step further we are a small wind turbine. >> the rebates for the wind
generator were really substantial. >> he expected to get more than 7600 in rebates from the california energy commission to offset the 24 grand he paid for his system. but after applying for the state rebate ron learned his wind turbine no longer qualifies. >> they dangled this big carrot out there in front of you. you go through the hoop to go green and everything else. and once you reach to the carrot they pulled it away now. >> they were asleep at the wheel. >> the rebate list never should have qualified. >> the turbines had not been well tested. >> the state paid californians more than 500,000 in rebates for turbines that didn't create as much energy as the manufacture claimed to the state. in some cases the state energy commission found it was seven and a halftimes greater than
theoretically possible. >> they had a hummer that would get 150-miles to the gallon is what they were saying. >> it suspended the program in 2011. the energy commission refused to go on camera to explain why they trusted these claims without testing them first. only con firming they based information on wind turbine ratings submit bid the manufactures. >> they should have been more suspicious of paper work that's easily forged. >> that over sight amounting to a half million dollar. money they won't get back. >> people like ron that put up wind turbines are out of luck. getting their rebaits. his equipment slashed his energy bills by two-thirds. >> i'm not sorry that i purchased it. i'm happy i'm doing that. it is reducing my bill. >> cbs 5.
a huge soft drink company tweaking the formula of its diet soda. >> cans of diet pepsi will be sweetened with something called asulphane potassium. >> i was just going to say that. >> sounds delicious. >> i'm not sure if that's going to be top ten for like best names for new sweeteners to use. it's chilly tonight but not as chilly as it has been. san jose 49, santa rosa, 46. skies clear after midnight. 36 for concord. san fran, 44. we'll be clear until about thursday afternoon. that's when the rain will pick back up. we have the cold outside
tonight. and even with some sunshine tomorrow, our influence of air is coming down from the north and from the west from the gulf of alaska. it's going to keep us chilly. we'll be chilly during the day. cold at night tomorrow and wednesday despite the fact you'll get sunshine back and we will be dry. then low pressure moves off to the northwest that will open the door for rain to move in. that's going to get here on thursday afternoon. and likely not let up until sunday night. another couple inches of rain heading toward the bay area. snow levels down to 3,000 feet. all the way to the end of the year, long range forecast models painting a wet picture with snow in the mountains all the way through december 31st. we're dry tomorrow but chilly tomorrow. tomorrow night, lows near freezing inland and the north bay you may get into the upper 20s tomorrow night. a soggy pattern begins thursday. highs tomorrow, low to mid 50s. about seven degrees below
normal. 54 for los altos. we're dry again on wednesday but sunny and then that sun goes away. all the way through the weekend we'll be wet thursday through sunday. rain is likely. snow the mountains. >> you did say snow. >> four letter word. snow in the mountains. skiers love this. white christmas. >> love that. thanks. coming up the bay area santas ,, [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent.
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. salvation army says donations of toys are down as much as 25 percent this holiday season. >> cbs 5 reporter julia shows us bay area santas are stepping up. >> reporter: a room full of brand new toys. $60,000 worth. little elves buying all them earlier today. destination, the salvation army. >> it's a giant shopping spree where you're racing through the halls. >> how did this come about? ten years ago during the dot com bust. a bunch of guys were at a
coffee shop reading the paper and spotted an article by the salvation army asking for donations because their shelves were bare. they both looked at each other and said let's be big kids again and make someone's holiday really special. rick remembers the day vividly. >> you get so fired up buyingtoys. the it's a big deal. the dig deep initiative saves christmas for thousands of kids. one by one, all the toys loaded into salvation army trucks this evening on their way to make a child's christmas very special. in san francisco, juliette goodrich cbs 5. middle of winter and we're talking baseball. >> the giants got their left-
handed set up man last week. the right-handed man tonight. a's busy too. and prohoc,,,,,,,,
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hiring of new football coacn caragher... .. . san jose state backers are not the only ones fire department up by the hiring of new football coach ron. jim harbaugh's reaction. >> ron, fantastic.
>> prep guy. the new guy for the spartans comes to san diego. 44 and 22 in six seasons. looking to continue the success built by mike mackentire. >> i know there's been ups and downs over the years. the last 25 years or so. but maybe i can come in and bring some consistency. and keep it, you know, just build off what coach mac did here and keep it at a high level. >> baseball, the a's lost shortstop steven drew to boston today but they didn't wait long to replace him. the a's are expected to announce the signing of japanese shortstop star. a seven time all star for the lions. the giants resigned santiago garcia to a three year deal. he had 25 saves if the giants last year. he was the winning pitcher in
the clenching game of the world series against detroit. prohockey, san francisco bulls took the rice tonight facing stockton. same period, couldn't keep the lead. garrett hunt got him. final of six to four. time now for the monday night top five. number five, some raider players including mcfadden signed autographs that brought toys for tots in hayward. someone brought a twinkey owned by david price. jeremy lin scores 22 for houston to beat the knicks 109, 96. monday night football, tennessee's chris johnson running and sending the jets out of a play off picture. titans beat the jets 14 to 10.
and number one, that's devonte reynolds getting the shot for georgia high school. that's the big shot tonight in high school basketball. >> i read the score board. you have castilla signed. romo signed. brian wilson. he looks small all of a sudden. he looks small all of a sudden. nobodies ,,,,,,,,

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